Matt Hockenberry (RHP) Drafted ‘14 PHL

“Without guys like Coach Sam Whitney on me about being the best I can be, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Plus the way he was with me is how I work with my guys; brutal honesty, hype man, understanding and most importantly - giving a crap about the guy.”


Matt Mahoney (D) Switchbacks FC

“I’ve known Sam since I was a freshman in college. I started off as his student-athlete and now I look to Sam as a mentor. He cared and always got the best out of us. He showed us passion, taught us discipline and demanded our best. I’m glad to now call him a friend and one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the business.”


Ryan Dartnell - Pilot of the United States Marines

“Coach Sam and his training program will allow you to surpass limits you didn’t think you had, and has set me up personally to continue that mindset in my career.”